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Well, we named our company, Message and Chat for a reason, a Chatbot is software that enables a device to interact with a customer to Message and Chat.

There are certain things needed to create this environment, the first and main one is a platform to build it on. There are many platforms available, the one which is the furthest ahead though is facebook messenger.

Why build it on Messenger? Messenger is fast, easy and gets extremely high open rates. It's the most popular and has the farthest reach and it's all happening with messaging, people of all ages but particuarly the young are using it more than email.

The reason being that it is the market leader is sheer scale, facebook has 2 billion active users using it and has about 1.2 billion people using the messenger platform to communictate with friends and businesses alike.

A chatbot takes the power of messenger and gives it a turbo boost , so that now it can interact with people to enable them to complete tasks faster and more effiiciently than ever before.

The expectations of response times are getting higher and higher as we all get more demanding of our time and the secret to Bot success is it's immediate and it's always available.

The world now is very quickly moving to mobile with 60% or more searches coming from a smartphone/tablet and the amount of time in apps is dominating this experience. Young people are now communicating with messaging far more than voice and this trend is picking up speed.

The days of phoning to book an appointment at the hairdresser, order a pizza or get flowers delivered are fast being eroded by the power of apps.

Chatobts are providing the ability to engage with customers, provide an enhanced and more engaging customer support and experience on autopilot!

Facebook chatbot is fun for your customers to use and doesn't require an app or download, they're already using it on facebook. This means that customers don't have to be trained on this new technology and so will use it as it's part of the facebook experience.

The concept is to enhance your relationship with your customers at minimal cost, without being intrusive and Salesy.

Customers are going to receive latest news, offers & deals on Facebook that your company and suppliers are offering while they are busy socializing with each other. This alone can create more shares and more free trafic or new customers for FREE!.

An example of a chatbot in a business environment could start off with a Facebook ad. If we use travel as an example

Upon pressing an image : The Alps for skiing, instead of it going to a landing page or brochure, it could be addressed by a bot which could run through a series of questions,

1. SPORT : Ski or Snowboard, 2. LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient, 3. LOCATION WHERE GENERALLY GO Europe, North/South America, Asia etc 4. Planned departure date 5. budget 6.How many people going

It could set all the perameters for a group to go to a destination very quickly and conveniently and deliver options very quickly and the information can easily flow and it's 24/7.

Other areas of bot usage are customer service areas with airlines already using them and local businesses are starting to discover that they can increase customer numbers, retain existing ones and offer enhanced customer service without breaking the bank and without disrupting staff and the running of the business.

It's designed to increase engagement with outbound relevant messaging ie special offers for cuts, beard trims or any other services, introductions for new staff members,discount days(if applicable) , and also covering inbound duties by handling appointment booking 24/7.

Now, so far, we have looked at the inbound usages of a bot, what about outbound. Well, messages can be sent directly to a message inbox and can sned text, image, video or audio. Open rates, up to 80% are being achieved at the moment

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We'd all agree that businesses want revenue growth and most importantly retain profit margins. To that end, we would like to introduce a new concept and development in the Digital world.

Providing the ability to engage with your customers, provide an enhanced and more engaging customer support and experience on autopilot!


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